LaTex Equation Editor  v.1.01

A LaTeX equation editor for Windows with OLE Server capabilities.

Ulysses LaTeX Exporter  v.1.6r2

The LaTeX Exporter (aka TeXporter) is a free plug-in which adds LaTeX export functionality to Ulysses.


Automatic LaTex Plugin for Vim  v.10.6.4

Automatic (La)Tex Plugin is a comprehensive plugin for writing TeX and LaTeX files within vim.

BeaGTex - The LaTex-Editor  v.1.3

Platformindependend LaTex-Editor realized with Java Swing

Bronger's LaTeX packages  v.1.1.3

A set of LaTeX packages for different purposes.

Database LaTeX Report  v.2007.03.19

This tool enables you to produce a LaTeX (standard, no extension required) report for database objects (tables, views, indexes, functions, primary/foreign keys, columns, types, keywords, system functions) thanks to the JDBC Api.

Dblup (DocBook to LaTeX using Perl)  v.1.0

dblup is a tool to output LaTeX from DocBook using Perl.

Emacs/LaTeX inline Preview  v.0.9.1

preview-latex, the higly addictive and productive LaTeX previewing and folding tool for Emacs, has become part of the AUCTeX project at http://savannah.

Hebrew LaTeX  v.1

IvriTeX is a project spunned off heblatex and it's purpose is to maintain the Hebrew LaTeX support, and provide a meeting point for Hebrew TeXers for the coordination of improving the Hebrew support.

HTML to LaTeX  v.1.0.1

Program converts HTML pages into LaTeX format.

KKU Thesis LaTeX Class  v.58739

A LaTeX Class for writing thesis for Khon Kaen University, Thailand.

LaTeX Bond Graph Class  v.1.1

This is a package to easily create bond graph figures in LaTeX documents.

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